Help with error message

I am just coming back to programming after 12 years. I am trying to update a few very old apps written in RealBasic 4 written on a then new iMac. The only computer I have to work on is a Windows running Windows 7. I am getting an error message : Type Mismatch error expected Int32 but getting mCanvasButton, sub mAction (index as Integer). Same error message with mOpen event.
It happens as well with each of the event definitions contained within mCanvasButton class. I have several arrays containing 4 mCanvasButtons. the mAction changes the color of the canvas button each time the the mouse pushes a button. It works fine on the iMac but will not on the PC or maybe I am not inputting the code in the correct pew so to speak. RB 4 had “New Events” so I am interpretting that to mean Event definitions.
I have forgotten so much but this should be easy and I am pulling out what little hair I have left.
In the IDE in the "event definitions’ I don’t declare any parameter but when I run the app the mAction states (index as integer) as it should since it is referencing a specific mCanvasButton within the array. Perhaps a little help? Thanks.

In general, it isn’t possible to go straight from something as old as RB 4 directly into Xojo. There were a few critical steps along the way, where things had changed enough that you had to go through that checkpoint. I don’t recall the specifics, but it’s something like you have to upgrade the project to version 5.something first. Then to version 7 or so. Then you can make the jump to Xojo. Hopefully, someone with the specific details will chime in. It might be just as easy to start a fresh project in Xojo and recreate the app, though.

I understand that it cannot be opened directly . I am not trying to do that it has been rd input and changes made as necessary . My real question is what am I doing wrong as far as the error message. I screwed up somewhere in where I entered code I believe . Likely in the event definitions in the class mCanvasButton. The definitions remain. A pale pink in color . Should they do that or is that warning that I am missing something.

I’ve never encountered this specific condition, but if I had to guess, I’d say some class has a bad Super.