Help with dynamically adding controls to Control Set on Web

Hi, I must be missing something, but I can’t get a Control Set to receive a dynamically added control on web. The desktop example provided with xojo works fine, but the simple project I made for web does not. Any help would be much appreciated!

Here’s the simple code in the project:

dim newbutton as WebButton newbutton = new mybutton //a WebButton named "mybutton" exists on the page, has been set to be a control set, and should be cloned newbutton.left = 100 = 100 newbutton.visible = true

This compiles fine and produces no errors while running, but it also does not create a cloned button :frowning:

Ah, 30 minutes into Paul’s video on Dynamic Controls (, he mentions a key point!

@Paul Lefebvre

Someone please add this important point to Book 2 page 109! :slight_smile:

And, I know it’s been mentioned before on this forum, it would be nice to have a help topic on Control Sets for quick reference, and in said future help topic, the point above could be mentioned.