help with database

I want to make a WEB database
my work REALLY needs a database
I am very new to XOJO and am having success in making my own app(s)
can anyone give me a quick overview of what XOJO can do and what limitations there are.
my workplace has 10,000 videos (its christian television everyone)
I made the interface, it has about 35 fields.

the video link below does NOT help me understand how to make a XOJO web database.
I made a database with ACCESS and it works
XOJO is greek to me

link text

These are the steps:

  1. Choose a database engine. Xojo supports directly PostreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL, and SQLite, and supports others indirectly through the ODBC driver.
  2. Set up the database using an external tool. You can do it in code, but it’s often easier to use a GUI tool.
  3. If you plan to distribute your app, import the creation code into it so it can create it from scratch in a new environment.
  4. Create code to access the tables and fields in your database. Something like Bob Keeney’s ActiveRecord can make this easier, but you can use direct SQL calls if you prefer.

If any of these steps are “greek” to you, then your question is outside the scope of the forums and you should consult external documentation like the Xojo docs, SQL docs, etc.

You can use sqlite and like for the video on HD

I would locate these point before Kem’s List:

The 1st question is:
How fit you are with databases and SQL? You should know basic knowledge there first, before coding.

XOJO comes with a lot of example files. When creating new project please navigate to Examples /database/Sqlite/SqliteExample there you will find basic routines how databases and tables are created, recordsets modified and so on.

You should also give Brad Rhines eBook (PDF or iBook) “Introduction to programming in Xojo” a chance. In Chapter 12 he explains everything. You will find it on Xojo’s Website.

Hope we could give assistance…