Help with Control Groups

Okay, I just botched a project by copying and pasting a group of controls from one page of a PagePanel to another. Instead of duplicating the older controls’ name with the ubiquitous “1” added, I got a new default set of controls that were no longer part of a group.

The originals, named rbVerifyType(), instead of becoming rbVerifyType1(), Became 4 separate “RadioButton1” (2, 3, 4).

I then started naming the pasted RadioButtons and was asked if I wanted them to be part of a control group. I said yes, and continued naming the last 2.

The issue that I now face is that there is no way that i can find to determine which RadioButton is which index in the control group. There’s nothing in the Properties panel to provide a hint and I named them out of order, so my previous index 0 is now index 3 and my code doesn’t work.

What have I missed in this change?

It should be under the gear icon at the top of the inspector.

Thanks, Tim. Why is that Gear Icon even needed? Instead of making things clear, it obfuscates what was very straight forward before (and I just checked it on a number of other objects). The addition of the contents of the Gear pane would not mess up the main Properties panel and be more obvious.

Complaints about everything all on one long pane in the inspector lead to some things being moved.
Usually it should contain things that are not changed from the default values very often.

Control sets landed there.

If you rely on something like “control(0) is the …”, “control(1) is …” and then go on to name constants to refer to a specific control index in the set you probably should just name an instance of the control & use that since the index is now part of the specific name.

There’s not much different between “control(kSomeConstant)” and just naming it “controlSomeProperty”

Many examples we see could and maybe should just use specifically named control instances