Help with ChartView (Jeremy Leroy)

[quote=130026:@Richard Summers]I will upgrade to the same version as you, as soon as I am fully confident that I can load listbox / database entries :slight_smile:

Download the demo, place the updated version in your project and give it a go. That’ll be the only way you are totally confident. I noticed 1.4.6 is out, so I need to upgrade too.

Do you happen to know how much the upgrade price is?

I think the support plan is 1/2 the original cost, but best to ask Jeremie. The demo is fully functional when run from the IDE, so you can try, play with it and be confident things will work before upgrading.

I just emailed him, but not sure if I will receive an answer :slight_smile:
I also noticed that if you try the demo, and try to save as jpg, the actual data does not get saved - only the background.

Does anyone have an multiple lines sample from a database (with chartview)

  sql_livetiming ="SELECT mydaytrdata.lapsec,mydaytrdata.lapno,relaties.voornaam ||' '|| relaties.achternaam as naam FROM mydaytrdata INNER JOIN relaties ON mydaytrdata.eigenaar = WHERE IN ("+active_athletes+") "+zoek_sql+sort_sql+" LIMIT 0,200"
// lapno X-as lap_sec data line and naam is line name

dim selectDB as RecordSet
selectDB=DB.SQLSelect( sql_livetiming)

main.graph_speed.Freeze = True
main.graph_speed.LoadFromDB ( selectDB, true )