Help with C++ to Xojo conversion - solved

Good to see that you found the solution, congratulations!

Thanks Andre, but it is not a complete solution…

The select device window still comes up but if I dismiss it twice the program works.
If I close the app then relaunch I do not have to reboot.

I will try to see how I can prevent the select device from showing up if there is only one video capture device.

I have learnt a lot in this exercise.

Thanks again Andre.


Just tested again on my laptop and there i had to add the command to select the resolution and pixeldepth because otherwise i only get a black window.
But on both pc’s, desktop and laptop, i don’t see the select device window, not even once while about 20 times the connect button. It’s strange that you see it appear even twice…?? No scanner atached or all in one printer? Or maybe more than one driver for the webcam installed like an extra twain driver?
If that is not the case, i’am afraid i am out of ideas at the moment, sorry!

Thanks Andre,

No peripherals attached except a Logitech Marble Mouse but it does the same even when the Logitech Marble Mouse is not connected.

I don’t need the resolution and pixel depth for its intended use, it gives 640 x 480 as is.

I will try to see how I can prevent the select device window from showing. So far it shows up twice everytime.

Thanks again.