Help window code for

Apologies for asking about HTML stuff here, but it seems more likely I can get a simple answer here than on something like StackExchange.
What I want is something as simple as our built-in help window with the index on one side.

I don’t know anything about CSS but apparently that is what “should” be done. Frames are replaced with inline IFrames. I’ve been looking at the internet stuff and if I want an example for adding a YouTube video, then I can have it, but not like our help window.

How do I do this?

Html is never easy. How about a simple type of wiki?

The HTMLViewer is a browser for Desktop and an iFrame for Web. I suggest you place the list of topics within Xojo and not inside the HTML code. You can include YouTube in your HTML files if you want.

I used to include my HTML Help files within a folder with my application — the file names (less the ‘.html’) were the topics displayed in a ListBox. This is good for small HTML help files.

For my next app, I have a Help database table with the Name, Description and Category displayed in the ListBox with the URL in the RowTag. The HTML files are now on my host to save app space and allow for changes/additions.

If the user wants the help in a different window to the app, they can export the HTML to a browser window or a PDF.

Is this above window an HTMLViewer or a XOJO window? If it is the HTMLViewer, I’m not sure how to do the list. I don’t know how to do any kind of list for html with code How if so?
It also looks like it’s not.

Everything from ‘Logging In’ down to the two buttons is the HTMLViewer, the rest is Xojo.

The two buttons return to the PagePanel you came from and export the HTML. The Listbox is pure Xojo. When you click on the ListBox, a Pressed Event looks up the RowTag for the URL and tells the HTMLViewer to load that web page.

The SearchField allows user to drill down into the ListBox for a specific query, removing the other rows. If you remove all text from the Search field, it re-populates the ListBox with every possible help topic in the database.


also done it with a listbox, and an htmlviewer.
you can edit the html using a textarea entering markdown syntax
you can also add topics, reorder them.
all topics are stored in a single table in a local or remote database

It has been so long since I looked at this window, I forgot the HTMLViewer is a separate control…
Everything above is now easy.