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I would like to capture video from a video source, (Camera), and I found this free project (Real Capture Canvas Pro)…

I tried to run it but I am getting some errors…
“Declares directly into the runtime via Lib”" are no longer allowed"
Declare function RealBuildPictureFromPicHandle Lib"" (pic As Ptr, bPassOwnership as Boolean = True) As Picture

How can I fix that?



iSightCamera Class

Hi Lennox,

I tried with Realcapture but this not worked. I got the same error that you comment.

I think that you can try with CommandCam ( using shell. Please, download the tool, and place it in the same directory of your app with this code (May be in a button):


dim sPath,sCam as String
dim f as FolderItem
dim s as Shell
dim p as Picture

sCam=sPath + “CommandCam.exe”

s=new Shell

MsgBox “Done”


When you run the process, you will find an image file named image.bmp that is the picture captured with the webcam of your laptop or pc.

I know that is possible pass parameters with the shell. You can try do this.

On the long run, why not test the MBS Xojo AVFoundation plugin?

Hi Axel,
I am not able to download it, I will try later.

Hi Elvis,
I have just downloaded CommandCam, will be trying it out shortly.

Hi Christian,
If the others fail then I will consider MBS. How much does the MBS cost?



you can download plugin and try.
But as QTKit and QuickTime are deprecated by Apple, I would not waste much time with other ways and directly go to AVFoundation.

Plugin prices: Complete Set or AVFoundation alone. (but alone may not be usable depending on what features you need)

Hi Christian,

What’s the price for DirectShow …?

Hi christian
Can i record ip camaras with you plug in

@Elvis: DirectShow is currently only part of Complete Set. I could change that, but why not simply buy all plugins pack?

@Alexis: Not sure. Maybe VLC plugin can stream it and also write to disk.

Hi Christian,
Can I purchase DirectShow alone? What is the price?

You can buy our Win plugin.
But I would recommend to get Complete Plugin Set.