Help to narrow down a bug on 10.11.4

I have a single customer who’s getting an Objective-C exception when the application executes code similar to the below. The exception is that NSCFString doesn’t respond to the “description” message.

Would you mind helping me, by putting this code in the event of a new project, then running the project on OS X 10.11.4 (32-Bit).

[code] #if TargetMacOS then
declare function SCDynamicStoreCopyComputerName lib “SystemConfiguration” ( store as Ptr, encoding as Ptr ) as Ptr
declare function description lib “Cocoa” selector “description” ( ID as Ptr ) as CFStringRef
declare sub CFRelease lib “Cocoa” ( ID as Ptr )

Dim ref as Ptr = SCDynamicStoreCopyComputerName( nil, nil )
self.title = description( ref )
CFRelease ref


The code has been working fine on our test machines, running 10.7.x all the way through 10.11.4 so I’m a bit surprised, but not completely. If the code works, it’ll set the title of the Window to the name of the machine, if it fails you’ll get an Objective-C exception.

Thanks for helping me out here.

Tested and get my machine name in the Window title:

10.11.5 Beta 1 (15F18b)

Mac Mini 2011

All running Xojo 2016r1
x86 32-bit

Works fine here in 2016R1 under 10.11.5.

Works fine here.

Xojo 2015 r4.1

OSX 10.11.4

Good to go here.
OSX 10.11.4
Xoxo 2016R1

Works as expected for me with Xojo 2016r1 on OS X 10.11.4

Success here.


Works fine here