Help to convert matlab code to xojo

[quote=175475:@Julen Ibarretxe Uriguen]It’s only C# if I am not mistaken. It may use some library but I doubt it, and in any case it’s not calling any matlab generated library. The code is not mine, so I am not 100% sure.

If you are going to propose that I reuse part of it as a dll, I would prefer not to. The project is not very well coded, and I think it’s better to rewrite it from scratch.[/quote]

No. I was just wondering if it’s all code that you can port.

I will have to check it. There is a picture matching (comparing) step that may be done using an external library but can certainly be done in Xojo (maybe it will be very slow), but nothing else should use any exotic function.

Ok. Thanks Julen.


Yesterday I started a sample GA project to show you how I would do it in Xojo (before it’s too late and you have all your code translated, I just saw your other thread and it looks like you are working on the translation). It’s not ready yet, but if you want I can post it in its current state.

It will also be a good exercise for me to try to post it using Github


EDIT: Here, my first GitHub repository:
Still plenty of work to do, not sure when I will get back to it, but you can follow it as you please now