Help needed

just DL the latest version of XOJO, & I’m confuse as to how to start programming, Please Help!

thats a very broad question

  1. start with reading the books about the product (users guides
    these are available in your local install if you launch Xojo & look in the help menu

  2. if you’ve never written code before you might start with the introduction to programming on that page

I have no idea about your background, previous experience, etc so it’s hard to be more helpful

If video training appeals to you we have over 50 hours of video available to subscribers at Most of the projects come with source code that you can use in your own projects.

Also, lots of webinars here:

I big ++ for the training videos at bkeeney. I subscribed to their training videos when I first started with Xojo, worth every penny. Really helped me get comfortable with Xojo in a hurry.