Help needed to configure Apache conf file

Can anyone help in deploying WE application on Apache on Windows. I have already installed Apache up and running, now what changes i have to make in httpd.conf file to call our webapp.cgi file when i enter the from a web browser.

copy your webapp.cgi into index.cgi and add in the linenumber at about 242 that shows as: ‘DirectoryIndex index.html’
’ index.cgi’ so that line shows as: ‘DirectoryIndex index.html index.cgi’

If you still have trouble starting your webapp, sent me your mailaddress and i will drop you my httpd.conf file.

If you don’t mind Andre, I am also interested in the config file to configure my development machine for Xojo WE apps with Apache.

Pls, what is your email address Alwyn? I will do a cleanup this afternoon and sent it to you.

Thanks Andre… Will send you a PM.