Help menu in Windows versus Mac

In Mac, the About and Preferences menu options are usually in the Application Menu.

In Windows, these items are usually in a Help menu.

Just bumped into this. I am inclined to change the entire menuBar depending on the platform, but there may be a more elegant solution. Have you encountered this dilemma ?

Xojo handles that for you. Look at the subclasses of MenuItem in the docs.

Btw. “Preferences” in Windows is usually at the bottom of the “Edit” menu.

Indeed it is there. Thanks.

I may still use two different menu bars, as the presence or not of a Help menu based on platform has to be managed in code.

I think you can set Super for the Preference menu to “PrefsMenuItem” and it will automatically move on OS X and similar for AppleMenuItems. Or you could perhaps create one dynamic Help Menu in code for each platform and switch between them both depending on OS rather than creating two different menubars. Though you will still have to dynamically change menu item accelerator keyboard shortcuts and labels between “Quit” and “Exit” etc.

Just set item.Visible to False on the platform you don’t want it to be visible.

Thank you.