Help Me With Navigator Tabs & Folders

My goal is to improve my productivity with the navigator in it’s present state. I do not want to get into a another debate with the redesign of the navigator. I certainly know there are two camps on this issue, we don’t need to rehash what’s been argued (I’ve given up). However, I need to become more productive or at least as productive as I was with RealStudio. To that end, those of you that like the navigator and have a mastery of it please school me on what you are doing, because I am still missing something. I am using Xojo 2013R3.

Question #1 - Tabs
I find most of my productivity loss is searching for other areas of my code in a massive list of items in my application. My goal is to get back to a specific place in my code on a regular basis. Prior to Xojo I accomplished that with Bookmarks and Tabs. So lets say I have some code tied to a specific event, say an Open event on a window, or Action event on a button or even a method in a module. How do you get back to that when you navigate away from it? I see the filter at the top, “IF” I remember what the parent item it belongs to I can type it in. Once I have the results it appears if I double click on it, it will open in a new tab. But that tab cannot be renamed, or maybe it can and I am just missing how? So, if I have several tabs open all of which are named Window1 that are different views to my areas of interests, that really is not useful because I have to click each one to see if it is what I am after. This is slightly less painful than scrolling through my navigator list. How are you mitigating this?

The other option is scrolling through the list of controls in my project, looking for the specific item. If there are 50 labels on a page panel of a window the list gets huge and scrolling to find my areas of interests is consuming massive amounts of time. What are the options here?

Question #2 - Folders
It appears folders can only be created at the APP, or root level. I am using a folder to organize all of my images for the application, this makes perfect sense. But, that is really the only benefit that I see. I originally thought I might use folders to organize areas of my code, for example drop the controls or events that have the areas I want to come back to in a folder named favorites, beneath the parent window. But it doesn’t look like you can create folders beneath a window, is this correct? Ideas, suggestions? How are you using folders?

Question #3 - Other?
What other ideas or methods are you using to organize your projects to make finding things easier.


Well, I agree with you that the Navigator makes life harder but for the sake of peace and harmony I’ll just try to answer your questions.

  1. I leave my left most tab open with objects only. Think the Real Studio project tab and then always open up objects I want to view/edit in a new tab (right click works better for this since the double click will actually select and THEN open it in a new tab thus resulting in two tabs with the same selection).

  2. Folder can only be done at the object level. We organize our projects into general areas like Application specific, 3rd party classes, BKS Classes, and usually Images (if we have embedded images). Then depending upon size we’ll have nested sub folders in each of those. You can only put objects/modules inside of a folder but not inside of an object though I don’t see the need. The IDE already puts them into categories for you with modules, events, properties, constants, etc.

  3. As part of our free video series we have Project Organization and naming Standards video at (registration required). It’s a little dated (Real Studio) but the project organization is the same.

Thank you Bob, that is good info.

I watched the video you referenced quite some time ago and adopted those naming conventions which was a great idea.