Help! How to select windows from a ListBox

Please Help!

I have an ListBox and a lot of Windows. You can select an item in the List. All things in the list are names of the windows. How can I do that the window that you select are open.
There is the
Call [name of the window]
For example: call home
Fuktion but that doesen’t work.
I have Test something like: call „select thing“ or so. But it doesen‘t work. How can I do that worken?

Please Help!

If you have specific windows, with ImplicitInstance set to True on the windows you want to show, your ListBox.Change event might look like this:

Sub Change() Handles Change
  Select Case me.CellValueAt( me.SelectedRowIndex, 0 )
  case "Window2"
  case "Window3"
  End Select
End Sub

Oh yes this work.
Thank you!

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