Help for web apps

I have a web app that is a scaled back version of a desktop app. I wrote a 70+ page help system for the desktop app with a tool called HelpScribble. It generates a .chm (compressed html) file for Windows Help. I have spent hours trying to figure out how to extract the appropriate pages from the .chm file and display them. As usual, the solution was much easier than I was trying to make it. When I looked through HelpScribble’s capabilities, I found it will export the project as Web Help, complete with the contents page, index page and all the pages I created. Loading those pages onto our website and creating links for everything took less time than I spent trying to figure out how I might do it. Hope this helps someone else.

It would be super helpful if someone could outline how to make chm files with Xojo so I can stick it into Answers in my very limited extra time :wink:

Thanks in advance!