Help finding Unicode "symbols"

does anyone know what (or if) there are unicode characters for


yes Michel… I wouldn’t have asked if I had not already done by due dilengence… there are thousands of symbols and without a specific phrase/description, you might never find it… so I was hoping someone already had.

I don’t know what they are but here’s the originals, probably app assets or something:

thanks… I need them as unicode, but guess that is not to be…

Dosen’t look like those characters exist as unicode.

I tried to find them using this:

Maybe it depends on your drawing skills of how good it picks it up.

@Dave S , is this for a Xojo iOS app?

not sure why it would make a difference?
since they are not Unicode “symbols”… I will be creating and using some PNG files

Because in an iOS app you can request them from the system.

[quote=385036:@Greg O’Lone]Because in an iOS app you can request them from the system.[/quote]
but not as a discrete image, or one that can be used anywhere except the toolbutton??

No, only as a tool button.

Thanks… this I knew… but I need those images in other places.

If you’re on a Mac, the Character Viewer from the Input menulet will let you search for Unicode characters by name and find symbols.

This I am aware of… however it has been determined that those symbols do not exist in the Unicode galaxy

not sure where you ran across that… since all references that I find say “Private Use Area - invalid Unicode character”

and the same for E2B4

Private Use Area
Range: E000-F8FF

It’s just no point…

Ignoring conversation :confused:

[quote=385211:@Michel Bujardet]It’s just no point…

Ignoring conversation :/[/quote]
Michel, I appreciate you trying to help… but your “answer” was not an “answer”… those Unicode points DO NOT EXIST, but I would be interested to be proven wrong… but instead of attempting to support your answer you “take you ball and go home”…