(Help) Find a word from Text File in Registry, then list in listbox if found

Hi guys, trying out realstudio (XOJO). I need some help with comparing a line of text from a text file to a registry location, then list found item in a listbox.

  1. TextSource
  2. Registry Location

Locate word from text source in registry location
if found List name in Listbox.

i have found a way using InStr (store it in an if statement), but finding 5,300 words (hardcodding) it is such a pain.

Thank you for all your help.

Not sure about the details of source and why there is a need to hardcode the searched text.

Place all the lines of the text file in an array of strings and iterate through this array (or just read one line at a time from file) and search each string in the registry.

Thank you Syed, looking into it.