Help Defend Xojo on Reddit

Its clear that plenty of the posters try to put a shine of reasonableness on before going on the attack. I guess we are fortunate in that others cannot resist attacking them back.

Reddit has allowed its culture to grow that way unfortunately.

I am constantly reminded of Thinking as a Hobby by William Golding when I deal with internet armchair quarterbacks. Back when it was written, the level two thinking the author talks about rated above the bottom level jingoist position. But you know, 35+ years later, I think there’s a middle position there, between them, that actually rates below the jingoist, because its lazy, narcissistic and reflective of someone who takes pleasure in tearing things down.

I want to thank everyone who has chimed in to support us and upvoted us. If you can upvote our original post there, its going to keep us on the radar. And keeping us up means the more Reddit folks will actually see it, and have to think about Xojo. I can tell you that it can work out, because some of them will come back here, will eventually try it.

Joe, far from it.

It raised awareness.

I’ve posted before about Valentina and, although we’ve had our battles, we saw a distinct rise in downloads following and orders.

[quote=29518:@Dirk Cleenwerck]Protecting you IP is possible without patents. Europe doesn’t allow patents, yet we have a thriving IT sector. I talked with people at the conference, and I guess when you work in an ecosystem where everyone uses patents, you don’t have much of a choice but to use them as well. In Europe the European parliament decided against software patents, because you should not be allowed to patent ideas. After all there are only so many ways you can for instance get a computer to calculate 1+1. If you allow people to patent that, you’ll have no software industry before long.

Just my 2 cents.[/quote]
Xojo isn’t based in Europe and that is very relevant here

[quote=29556:@Sam Rowlands]Wowzer - all I can say is that reddit don’t impress me much, most of the comments received about the Omegabundle were just argumentative. They even started picking apart that some of us had joined reddit initially to support the Omegabundle and Xojo. I for one had started to participate in other sections.

I had also posted links to some of my developer tools, only to find them downgraded to a point where they don’t show up (-4) or lower. Reddit users seem like such a warm and welcoming bunch .[/quote]
Reddit is for sharing, not free advertising and you are supposed to make about 9 submissions to other people content for every one submission of yours as a rule of thumb…

AFAIK you have software of your own in that omega bundle, what did you expect would happen when you try to defend it? If you want respect from a community if you have to earn it by regularly contributing it - simply joining because “its big and has lots of potential for creating traffic to your products” is shady and if you have an association (bias) you first few words should be to indicate your position, otherwise you just make yourself look like a fake account set up to spam and mislead people.

Again, reddit is a community to share, not for promoting one or two specific products and if thats what you signed up for, which would be apparent by your general attitude to reddit, you will always have a sense of being not welcomed… (im guessing your also the one who deleted their account too on there)

Also what is the big drama about it? Someone said it was “like basic” and a bunch of people have a fanny over it - I see 20 odd xojo user based posts and 2 from non xojo users- pretty sad this thread and people reaction to be quite frank. Way to ruin Xojo’s rep - people will soon get that thread from searching about the product and see how agressive the community is over a single word).

Let Xojo worry about its rep in the future.

[quote=29471:@Norman Palardy]You can use the framework in any of your apps.
What restrictions are you referring to ?
I posted an answer to you here last night. Now my post is gone.

Norman, or Geoff, or whoever at Xojo deleted my response to Norman, at least have the common courtesy to identify yourself and explain why my response was deleted.

These things at this price are of value to some developers. Not to everyone - but if the word doesn’t get out, they won’t have the opportunity to decide. Anyone who draws a conclusion over the tantrums people post and walk away were unlikely to become customers anyway - making decisions from the hip doesn’t show much ability to sit through and properly demo out a product.

This is just one facet of software marketing and how it is done now.

Whatever Sam’s reason, he can also answer questions about Xojo or whatever else he’s interested in. And he used his real name, too.

[quote=29574:@Andrew L.]
Norman, or Geoff, or whoever at Xojo deleted my response to Norman, at least have the common courtesy to identify yourself and explain why my response was deleted.[/quote]
I did not see it or delete it