Help creating a stand alone web app

I an new (today) to Xojo. First thing I would like to do is get a very simple web app up and running as a stand alone app. I am using the QuickStart Demo example to create the Web App, but am stumped on how to deploy it. I can’t find any specifics about the process in the docs, except for a general overview of the options.

Here is what I have done so far as gleaned from the overview, but am obviously doing something wrong.

  1. Create the app MapViewer, run, and save it in the IDE.
  2. With OS X selected in the Build Settings, click Build
  3. Copied the contents of the build folder to a Folder named MapViewer at the root level of my home folder. I did this to save the amount of typing I would have to do in terminal.
  4. In terminal I executed: ./MapViewer/MapViewer --port=8888
  5. In my browser I entered localhost:8888 or or localhost:8888/MapViewer or

In all cases the browser looks like it is going to load but it stalls part way and stays there.

In the discussions I have found I see references to build settings that I cannot find. For example…

"Build your web application for Linux with the Standalone build setting selected."
"Compile your web application for Linux with the CGI build setting selected."

“a Standalone web application is accessed through a port, which you specify when building the app.”

I cannot find anywher in the IDE to select “the Standalone built setting”, or how to compile the app with CGI build setting selected, or how to specify a Standalone app when building the app.

Any help would be apreaciated.


The build settings are in the Navigator at the bottom. Select Shared and the Inspector should open (if not, you might need to toggle it). In the inspector there will be a Build section that allows you to switch between cgi and standalone.

With a standalone app on Mac OS X you can double click the executable. It will open in a terminal window. Then you point your browser to or whatever port you’re using. This is essentially what the debug version is doing.

That was easy. Thanks! I should probably read the docs from the beginning to the end, but I am really pressed for time and was browsing the docs to find what I needed.

Thanks again.