Help a friend, XP computer that has at least one ISA card connector

Just putting it out there.

A friend on another forum is looking for an old XP computer (running MS XP) that has at least one ISA card connector that can accommodate a full-length ISA card.

Someone in the US that has some old gear?

I’ll gather some more details.

Ciao Steve,
On Amazon

look, here in Italy, or at least, here in Bergamo, just take 5 minutes to the municipality landfill to find amid tons of electronic products disused many motherboards like the one you need to your friend.
Unfortunately, as you can see, on amazon, they really cost a lot of money.

on Aliexpress ??? FROM CHINA ?

Normally these products are mantained for old machine, for example CNC machines, plasma cutting, pantographs, etc.

Thanks Massi,

Your post gives good a example of why we should hold onto the old machines.

Here in Dalmine, where I live, there is a flea market held on Saturdays. If you want I can see if I find something.
But I think the shipping costs from Italy to the United States are quite high.
Unless I can try to send the motherboard as a “Free Sample” but it should be in very good condition so as to look really new.

Obviously with processor and at least 512 mbytes of ram otherwise, you have the motherboard but without being able to use it.

Monti Luciano have you around the company a OLD computer with pentium 2 or similar with isa slot?

Cheers Massi,

Love the old “swap meets” It seems like a simple task - but not always - especially these days. I used to just buy the components and put them together. That’s what was always the best about IBM compatible PC’s . And also supplied with Qbasic so you could create some programs.

Perhaps I’m just getting old :slight_smile:

[EDIT] Not just perhaps - I am getting old… oldish