Health and Safety (Your Experiences)

[h]We all know health and safety has gone completely mad.[/h]

Health and Safety was invented in the United States some time back in the 1980’s as a revenue stream for solicitors and persons working in the law industry (Confirmation Required). Health and Safety naturally led to a fantastic practice of “No Win No Fee” marketing for law industry geniuses.

Fantastic. We can all now live safely because no longer do we need to worry that when we see a wet floor we may slip over, its coned off with a sign telling us “This floor is wet, take care”. If you see a red canister in the corner of your office and you always thought it was a large drinks flask, fear not, it is now labelled “Fire Extinguisher”. Perhaps if you have a nut allergy, you are not sure about that bag of peanuts, don’t worry, it now states on the back of the pack “CONTAINS NUTS”

Do you wonder how the human race made it to the 21st century before Health and Safety?

Anyway, just for fun, get your phone and take some real life snaps of H & S madness and post them on here. Perhaps something funny in your office or out on the street near you, lets see what craziness we have from around the world.

Read up on modern Westerner’s experiences in India and Africa — people die, the funerals are held very soon after, and live moves on. Missionary friends were shocked on returning to the UK after three years that there were so many ‘old’ people here!

While the signs are visual pollution, most of us would otherwise slip on the wet floor. I am glad for them.

I spend a lot of time editing H&S manuals for the civil engineering industry. Most of the rules and recommendations are common sense and have beyond doubt saved many lives. There are, however, numerous examples of H&S gone crazy in everyday life. One of my favourites was the case of firemen forbidden to climb ladders to hang up Christmas decorations because climbing ladders was considered too dangerous.

Health & Safety is just keeping those folks who would otherwise have been weeded out of the gene pool from being removed.
It’s degrading the species :stuck_out_tongue:
Just google for “crazy warning labels” and look at the images section.
How many of those are real. Some I’m sure.
I know I’ve seen screwy ones like the Dog pills & the warning not to use with alcohol … for my DOG ???
Or the bag of peanuts labelled with “May contain peanuts” … Ummm I sure hope so.
My favorite is this one - which I’ve seen one an awful lot like

Norman, unfortunately the peanut packet saying… this may contain nuts is REAL !!!

Oh I know
I find it ludicrous that on a bag clearly labelled “Salted Peanuts” you need a warning label saying it may contain peanuts.
Seriously - I’m buying “PEANUTS” it bloody well better contain peanuts !

while working for the government/military I saw some very interesting signs. wish I could have taken photos of the signs.