Heads up, strange visual glitch in Big Sur with Xojo 2019r3.2 made Mac application: Solved

When testing your apps on Big Sur, if you notice a small visual glitch like below. I have finally tracked it down and resolved it.

In some cases it was only 6 pixels high and depending on what you’re displaying in your window you may not even notice it. It’s important to know that drawing in the paint event of the window, works, it’s to do with controls laid out on the window.



Toolbars, BS and Xojo don’t agree with each other.

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Yeah, that looks exactly like the height of the titlebar.

Thanks for figuring that out, I just ran into the exact same thing this afternoon and your trick fixed my problem. Weird.

BTW, stop mocking us with your fancy UI design :wink:


Is it a Xojo bug? Removing the toolbar and reinserting it to fix seems the case, some kind of forced recalc of sizes? Can it be detected by Xojo and fixed at load time?

I am glad to hear it helped.

I am working to make it available to all Xojo developers.

At first I assumed it is was something that I am doing, so I slowly undid thigns, one by one, testing to see if it was that control, until I was left with a single canvas (filled with bright orange) and a toolbar.

Sometimes it didn’t show when the window first opened, but on resize it would then pop-in. Sometimes it was only 6 pixels high, sometimes it was greater.

As I found a solution, I thought I’d share it, in the hopes that if others are having it, what I found could help them.

The solution that I have found is to check at opening the height of the window and place my canvas… see the screen capture.

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