Having trouble with desktop project menu.

I have added a File/Save menu option to my Mac Desktop application.
I created kFileSave and kFileSaveShortcut by copying the kFileQuit and kFileQuitShortcut.
changed the Qs to Ss… and added a FileSave menu Handler.

However I’m a little baffled.
There is no apple-S on the file save menu item.
File quit is not under the file menu when I run my application, but that is probably because it is under the name of the application rather than the file menu.
The super for FileQuit is QuitMenuItem
The super for FileSave is MenuItem
The Text for FileSave is #App.kFileSave

The indecies seem really odd… -2147483648

The menu handler works for FileSave but looks odd without the command-S


Did you add a hotkey definition? (S for key, and MenuModifier ON)
Did you put Quit as a QuitMenuItem?

-2147483648 is &HFFFFFFFF

The Quit Menu is normally there by default

Thanks Dave. That did the trick.