Have you ever lost code in Control Events after saving?

I have run into a very rare case of project corruption, and I’d like to know if others have had that happen to them, too.

This issue occurs with the .rbp file format, possibly also with the xml format, but probably not with the vcp format.

What happens is that you may be happily editing and running your app, but once you’ve saved and re-opened the project, code inside one or more controls of a window would have vanished.

Has that ever happened to you?

If so, did you keep a copy of the damaged project that you can still recover? I’ve found a way to recover the data from such a corruption and would like to verify that it works.

Can you describe the steps to make this occur ?
Maybe report it ?

Yes - I have, amongst other very strange behaviour with xojo. Worst is the “crashing” of the project chooser, WHich is not me as I have been inundated with messages from xojo feedback describing exactly the same issue. Losing some of the project files is a pretty common occurrence for me, so I have resorted to having 3 separate folders (on three different disks partitions) for backup!!!. It is very cumbersome.

I have experienced my app (which worked fine with 2012) having all the textfields appearing black which caused me to specify the .backcolor in an open event despite the IDE saying it was white. I have not reported this as it is intermittent (not now the .backcolor is defined) but sometime the textfields appear ok but then on the next run they’re black. Probably my code but it works fine in 2012.

xojo much slower in wndows than 2012 and (for me) does some wierd things with dual monitor and new workspace open.

I like xojo but the more I get into it the more frustrating it becomes…

Crashing ?
We’re aware of the issue where its unresponsive for several seconds - but I’ve never seen it crash.
If there’s a way to reproduce a crash I’d love to know about it

Well…I have 14 xojo feedback emails describing exactly the sort of thing I mention. All starting with “unhandeled OutOfBounds Exception” and the messeage box say something like a xojo has encountered a fatal error would you like to give feedback or ignore it or some such. Either way xojo closes and in my case (windows 7) invariably leaves the process running in memory so you have to pull up task mangler to shut it down before xojo can restart properly - this happened a lot with 2012 (not being released from memory) as well to be fair.

I always always… load a new project and never open existing file or recent project anymore. So I am not sure if I can reproduce it but there’s enough feedback about the problem.

Case # ?

case #24335

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That case is marked as fixed
Is that not the case ?
If not then steps to reproduce what you’re seeing would be great& we can reopen the case

That’s quite difficult because it is rather intermittent and it happens sporadically. I cannot see how it can be fixed given there has been no update (as far as I am aware) - so for me it is not fixed other than not choosing open recent project from project chooser. It is also difficult to give you steps other than “I was trying to open my most recent project from project chooser” (hopefully that is not sounding facetious) as that was the only step.

I shall report it if it happens again as I have not since I reported it the first time it happened - and because it seemed that many people were experiencing similar things - I have learnt to ignore it and try again. But, as I said, I try to avoid the project chooser (other than open new project) like the plague and open my app from open (not even open recent) - that seems to work 100% of the time for me. Still losing files though (per original post)…today it was the “_filetypeset” - luckily I had only made one setting so easy to rectify.

I was pretty sure that I had reported the issue, but now I see that I didn’t. And no, it’s not reproducible - it happens fairly randomly, but I managed to preserve a project file that shows the effect.
Reported now here: <https://xojo.com/issue/27682>

And Nick, what you describe has nothing to do with what I describe. Mine is very specific to a very unique case, while you describe fairly general issues about losing something when opening projects. It’s not nice to take over someone else’s thread like that as it takes focus away from what this conversation was about.