Have a fix for macoslib? Here's how to do it

If you use the macoslib and have implemented a fix or improvement, the best way to send this change to us is by using github:

After signing up with github, you create a fork of the main macoslib repository (https://github.com/macoslib/macoslib/). Now you have your own copy of the lib on github.
Then you download this fork of yours to your computer and add your fix to it. Then you push your changes back to github.
Lastly, you create a new “pull request” for your change(s). This will notify the maintainers of the main macoslib and let us review your changes quickly. If all looks good, we’ll merge it into the main version and we’re done.

Here’s an example where a user not part of the “macoslib team” submitted a small fix, which got merged in almost instantly: https://github.com/macoslib/macoslib/pull/129

This is much easier for us than if you send us modified code that we then have to merge with the current version, possibly causing new bugs due to out-of-sync issues.

Also, if you add new functionality, please provide some text code that verifies that your code actually works. We’ve had it happen several times that code got added that was never tried out and didn’t work at all.

If it’s low level code, simply add some test code to the App class. There are methods such as “TestCocoa” where you could add code for cocoa related testing. If it’s more complex stuff you’ve added, especially if it’s UI related, add a new window and include it into the menu, similarly to all the other Example windows. Those “Example windows” are not just meant as examples to new users but also let you make sure that the code actually works.

Probably be a good idea to add this to a section in the readme.md.