Hasheading Bold

Hola comunidad, tengo una inquietud, se puede poner el texto de un hasheading en bold o italic?


In a ListBox?

In CallTextPaint event of ListBox


if row = 0 then me.bold = true me.italic = true end if

In ListBox1.Open()
Me.Bold = True
Me.Italic = True
Me.HasHeading = True
Me.Heading(0) = “Test”

In ListBox1.CelltextPaint()
g.Bold = False
g.Italic = False

Julian, I think he wants it in the heading and not row 0, but solution is the same.

Yeah, ignore mine, it doesn’t seem to work correctly with more data, I’d edit it but I cant.

Muchas Gracias! thank you very much Merv