Has System.DebugLog Output Moved?

I can no longer seem to find my System.DebugLog outputs in Console in Xojo 2017r3. They used to go to the Console’s system.log.

Has it moved somewhere else?

What version of Mac OS? (just covering all the bases, and watching this thread for developments at the same time)

Possibly related to my issues? https://forum.xojo.com/41157-system-log-vs-nslog-sierra-console

10.12.6. It works on xojo 2017r2.1

Sierra and High Sierra don’t seem to echo System.Debuglog to the console anymore.

I accidentally found that Xojo is printing the debug log to the messages tab in the IDE. The messages tab is the wifi looking button next to find and errors on bottom toolbar. It is ok, except you can only see 15 odd lines.

The messages tab does scroll.

Of course it can scroll, but when you have a lot of data being output and you could see some 85 lines shown in console compared to 15. Thats a lot less scrolling about, which makes it hard to find what you are looking for.

You can also move the top of the messages tab up and down, to allow more room for messages.

I did try both system.debuglog and System.Log and none shows up in Console.

I wonder if Christian would not have some plugin able to write to Console, though.

It is at it’s max height to get the 15 lines, unless you know of a way to make it larger than that?

Seems like a regression with 2017r3.

Never tried to resize it before, but confirmed it has a maximum height of not very much.
Graham, maybe you need a better way to send out data? What kind of data are you pushing through debuglog?

Hierarchical custom paint events, with x,y,w,h values etc.
Making use of the dirty areas parameters passed in through canvas paint event to find a way to render graphics into a canvas faster.