Has Anyone Ordered The New Mac Pro Yet?

Greetings all,

I ordered my ‘trashcan’ an hour after the Apple Store had them available to order here down under.

Opted for a mid range unit 3.5GHz Hex-Core/D500/32GB/512GB

I doubt I’ll see mine until February now.


I went with the low end stock tube. (Can I call it low end? :P) My ship date still shows as “by Dec 30th”.

I vacillated on getting a Mac Pro for years but could not stand the physical size of them. When I consider the $2,200.00 US I paid for my original Mac 128k (with printer) it seems like a pretty good deal. I just have to figure out where I insert all my old 400k floppies.

I remember those Peter, although I never owned one myself. I started off with the venerable Apple ][e, since then in order of ownership:

Apple IIGS*
Macintosh Performa 6200
G3 Blue & White*
G5 Dual 2.0GHz*
Mac Pro 3,1 Dual 2.8GHz Quad Core (Upgraded to 3.2GHz)*

*Still in possession

I also still have a USB floppy drive somewhere…!!

i though the 5.25 inches floppies is 640K??

Not another “my first computer is older than your first computer” thread :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Stay on topic, guys!

[quote=54322:@Markus Winter]Not another “my first computer is older than your first computer” thread :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Stay on topic, guys![/quote]

This particular forum is called “Off-Topic”, so as far as I’m concerned, just about anything goes.

i am just curious if there is ever an 400K floppies

My old MacPro is now 4 years old so I was really looking forward to the new MacPros. But a starting price of 3000€ is just out of my budget. I’ll wait for a MacMini with a SSD.


The FORUM is “off-topic”, the thread isn’t. It has a subject. The original poster asked a question and would like some answers/opinions relating to his question, not some random thoughts on some random subject unrelated to the question asked.

I thought people knew that, but maybe I was mistaken.

And to get back on topic: no, out of my price range too. And probably complete overkill for programming anyway. The Mac Pro is optimised for video production etc, so unless one does that for a living and Xojo is just an extra I don’t think it gives you the best ROI.

But I’d like to have one anyway, it is seriously desirable - I just can’t justify buying one for myself.

P.S. For other questions please open a new thread or use google - it is considered poor netiquette to derail or hijack threads.

Did you see they are manufacturing them in Austin? http://kut.org/post/apple-manufacturing-its-new-mac-pro-austin

I think it would be awesome to own one, but practically for me, it is not. I have a rMBP with Thunderbolt Display so I can sit at a desk if I choose, or take it to go when I need to. I used to be a dual computer kind of guy, but I found keeping in sync to be some trouble.

I also realized while Apple was talking about specs that my PC is pretty close to the Mac Pro. There are of course differences, most importantly the video cards. But I’ve already got the PCIe SSD, 32GB of RAM (though only 1600Mhz) with another 4 sockets free, 3.4GHz i7-E with 3.8GHz boost… overall it’s pretty close. And it’s also massively larger, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. So it doesn’t make a lot of sense to spend another 3K on a comparable computer just for a smaller footprint and the ability to run Mac OS. I’ve already got a Mac for that.

Well, my accountant urged me to make some expenses before the end of the year so I ordered a Mac Pro stock (cheapest). :slight_smile:
Mine shows ship date on 2 januari 2014 - I called Apple to make the invoice dated this year and they replied that would be no problem. :slight_smile:

So waiting …

Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but I’m waiting until they find and fix the inevitable glitches.

Bah Humbug!

Thank God our parents didn’t think that way when planning a family :smiley:

I have to ask how many who are ordering the new Mac Pro really need all that power. It’s obviously not needed for working with Xojo even for most full time developers!

Do you guys also do video work and/or are gamers?

I thought I went kind of nuts with the new iMac and accessories I just got:

27" iMac
3.5 GHz i7
GeForce GTX 780M
32 GB RAM -not all from apple (I do run VMs)
512GB internal SSD
Both Magic Mouse and trackpad
External 1 TB 7200 RPM USB 3.0 Drive for more storage (thunderbolt drives too expensive and not sure they add anything speed wise being limited by the HD speed)
External 3TB 5400 RPM Drive for Time Machine
Thunderbolt to DVI Adaptor for an old second monitor

It’s a nice system for sure but thinking about it now, I spent way more than I should have or really could afford, for power I won’t really need.

All together that gets to low MacPro (without a Monitor) territory. With a monitor that would do the Mac Pro justice, and external storage a Mac Pro would come to significantly more!

I use to buy low end PowerMacs so they would not be obsoleted so fast. I though iMacs back then were underpowered… That changed for me with the late 2009 iMac…And also back then my financial situate took a turn for the worst.

So what made you all decide go with MacPros? Was it need or want?

  • Karen

For me, it’s what I want. It’s really my only indulgence.

Yes, single sided floppies. They were around up until about 1990.

Yeah, and the original Mac had the entire OS and an app (i.e. MacWrite) on one 400K disk with a few K free for a file or two. Those were the days. Now we’re worried about fitting a whole system on 128GB SSD!

I, too, was curious about the new Mac Pros in relation to Xojo. It sounds like their single task speed isn’t any better than a high-end iMac (or rMBP). They are quite speedy for multi-core and heavy graphics work, but can Xojo do anything with that?

Honestly it is want.

The new design of the Mac Pro intrigues me and my last Mac desktop was a G4 Tower. I have owned more Macs than I care to remember (used to be a VAR) but have been laptop only since about 2001. The previous Mac towers just never grabbed me emotionally. I’ve had plenty of PC towers in that time.

I use Macs and PCs everyday. I really have no preference for doing work but I do allow myself to make emotional decisions for my personal equipment. The new Mac Pro design basically wowed me.