Has anyone installed the iOS 9 GM?

I need to test my app under iOS 9 before it ships next week so that my users don’t find out about a potential showstopper before I do. So I think I need to bite the bullet and install the iOS 9 GM. As I don’t have the luxury of an iOS device test harness like the big guys, it’ll need to go on my own device… So before I do that, has anyone else bravely gone before me and how is that working out for you? :slight_smile:

I’ve got the latest beta running on my iPad and it’s mostly working. The biggest issue I’ve run into are 3rd party apps which use video that haven’t been updated seem to crash a little more than usual.

Thanks Greg. Well I’ve downloaded the GM so I’ll install that soon and see how my app runs. Fingers crossed. :slight_smile:

Just reporting back that not only is my device working fine with iOS 9, but more importantly my Xojo app is also working fine running under iOS 9 so my users won’t experience any issues when they install the shipping version next week. The only noticeable change is that it has picked up the new San Francisco system font, which looks good.

Great news, Jason. I have tried El Cap GM but haven’t tried my apps on iOS 9 yet, so this is good to hear.

I’ve been holding off on El Cap because it supposedly requires Xcode 7 and the current release version of Xojo doesn’t yet support it. Gavin I don’t suppose you’ve tried installing Xcode 6.4 alongside Xcode 7 in El Cap? If that works then I could upgrade my desktop as well.

I have installed the 10.11 GM on my Macbook Air and Xcode 6.4 continues to work fine. And Xojo seems OK as well with no trouble running an iOS app in the Simulator.

Thanks Paul!