Has anyone developed a method for creating the enlarged titlebar a la Photos for OS X?

Hi Folks,

Has anyone come up with a mechanism for creating the enlarged titlebar similar to the one provided in Photos or Xcode? Everything that I’ve found, while putting controls in the titlebar, do not change the size or look to match the newer style.

Native library, MBS, or Einhuger are all fine answers.


In back issues of the xDev mag, I showed how I accomplished this with Backup to Go. I don’t recall which editions off the top of my head, sorry.

Hi Sam,

Thanks. I’ve pulled that from xDev 12.5 (the Yosemite edition).

Excellent glad that you found it okay.

I’ve been working with a zero titlebar design for a while now, I kinda like it (see iconographer http://www.ohanaware.com/iconographer/ ); however the wife doesn’t like it, the best I can tell is because it’s so different.

How do zero titlebar design?

There’s two ways to do it (that I know of):
#1 Is to use the Toolbar (which wipes out the window title) and to hide the titleBar.

#2 Is to set the stylemask to draw into the titleBar content.

It should be in that xDev article.

This is a few years old at this point, but here’s my problem with the “no titlebar” design: https://twitter.com/tekcor/status/315207006761934848

Mixed feeling here:

a. Browser windows without title is disturbing me (<title>I love to watch my window’s title</title>),

b. What are those 15 to 200 useless pixels that spoil the top of my screen shots (same browser) ?

At last, I wrote a small browser that hides all those tabs, URL bar, etc. to be able to make my multi-screen shots documents (and I create the final file using MICE from Microsoft).
4 screen shots vertically (4 x 150) = 600 wasted pixels ! In retina mode, think !