Has anyone come up with an easy feed of Xojo HTML docs to localGPT

Hi All,

I’m experimenting with localGPT and the mistral LLM. hAs anyone come up with a way to feed the Xojo docs into the source?

It would be great if there was a PDF version of the docs for ingest, but …


I am puzzled as to what you are asking. This was part of a discussion that I thought you were participating in? Isn’t this a PDF version of the docs?

Link to PDF’s

These are the 6 PDF’s mentioned above.



Yes, I have those for now, but are you willing to continually update those as Xojo makes changes? I’m more using this as a nudge to the Xojo team to create them as part of each update.

it should not matter if you feed an LLM with html or pdf files
I tried to, but it’s not working (for now…)