Hard times trying to delete some MenuItems

I had hard times trying to delete some MenuItems in the Menu Editor.

I quit and re-run Xojo, trying this and that (from the Delete key to the Delete MenuItem) and was not able to delete one (or as far as three MenuItems).

Definitively, deleting the one I wanted to delete was not working when selected from the navigation pane…

I even duplicated the project on the hard disk and try to delete them from there with no success.

At last, I finally wa able to do that when I clicked (a bunch of clicks) in the graphic part of the Menu Editor, one at a time.

I had to click twice (?) so the MenuItem text name is no more selected.

Now the trouble is over (I only had three MenuItems to delete…), and I prefer to share the information here, just in case this is not a local trouble and be in time for the newt release.

Did you had the same, lately ?

OS X 10.9.5
Xojo 2014r2.1
MacBook Pro 2011-11

Known issue
You have to delete them using the graphical editor not the navigator
You can’t rearrange them using the navigator via drag & drop either


Thank you for your answer. It was not me !!!
That is the conclusion I got (with “avoid th get the Name field of the MenuItem selected”).

I do not think at that.

While we are at it (rearrange things using the navigator), how useless is an item going to the top of the navigator pane at drag and drop (drop) time ! → INSERT TOP
The only default location to add an item in the Navigation pane is APPEND

And if the user do not like it at that location, (s)he will move it.

There is no sense to place say… an icon or an image (even a module… anything) above App !

Of course: IMHO.