Hard crash in Windows App

In my Windows App i have some hard crashes, several times, with an Visual Studio Just-In-Time Debugger error message “An unhandled win32 exception occurred in…”

The App was compiled in Xojo 2016r3, but when i compile it other releases 2015 2.4 seems to be the last stable one where the error doesn’t occur.

Is it a problem to remain in Release 2015 2.4 and to distribute my App compiled in this Version? Or are there important fixes in the following releases which makes it a problem using the older one.

There is no penalty for staying on a prior release for a while. Often it is the prudent thing to do. Many of us “leapfrog” releases. We evaluate each release and skip a few. If you’re having problems with the 2016 releases, then stay with 2015r2.4, especially given the major changes made in 2016 which introduced some issues.

Thank you Tim!