Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Think about all the things that have gone right in your life, and enjoy.

And take those things that have gone not so right, and hope you can over-balance them with the love and support of friends and family :slight_smile:

Happy Thanksgiving, and hugs to all who might need them.

greeting from London.
This time we celebrate Thanksgiving with a big group of xojo developers in a great restaurant!

Happy Thanksgiving :smiley:

We’re in the UK, with one foot in the States for half of the year and we’re about to sit down to a full Thanksgiving dinner. We do it every year whether we’re in the UK or USA. Our friends and family think we’re nuts.

Happy Thanksgiving :slight_smile:

Well, one thing that I am thoroughly thankful for is the Xojo community. Without so many of you, I’still be writing TK UI’s for Python and turning out apps that look ridiculous on OS X and Windows… :slight_smile:

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Yanks out there…

Happy Thanksgiving to all! :slight_smile:
I hope you celebrate it and have much fun.

I have a lot to be thankful for this year! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! :slight_smile:

Every year after the feast we swear never to eat again.

Three hours later…

Grilled turkey sandwiches with stuffing, cranberry and potato pancakes for everyone. (Gravy for dipping as an option)


Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll! The kids had their first pumpkin pie and ate their weight in whipped cream, finally got them into bed. Now off to drink some wine and finish Jessica Jones with my man before all the Black Friday madness begins!

Oh the irony…