Happy Thanksgiving :)

Turkey day in the Americas :slight_smile:

Enjoy a day off work and meet family.

And people in rest of world just go to work as usual…

for those in the US, happy thanksgiving!
for everyone else, happy thursday!

My employer is closed Friday also, so four day weekend for me.

Everyone have a good Thanksgiving and watch those calories. Be safe if you’re traveling.

Thursday!? Typiskt! I thought it was at least Friday!
Well, I’ll just go back to those bash scripts then :stuck_out_tongue:

Not down under. :slight_smile:

Thanksgiving makes me always remember that brillant Jodie Foster movie “Home for the Holidays”. May you all have a better time!

Happy Thanksgiving.
Enjoy and be safe.

In the northern Americas, then :wink:

In the US only actually, Thanksgiving was last month here in Canada

But you have Thanksgiving too, just earlier. The Mayflowers did not get to Southern America, or Native American had already been decimated when Spanish and Portuguese immigrants got there, so they could not offer corn and Turkey…

Not in Canada either. Just the in US.

edit: Robert beat me to it. Note to self: read all posts first…

My farorite holiday. It’s nice to pause for a day to be thankful for everything and everyone that is good in our world. And on that long list is everyone on this forum who generously shares advice and solutions. Thank you all!

Or Canada - we did that last month