Happy new year for all Xojo friends

Many happy returns.

Happy new year to you and other Xojo’ere!

Very kind. The same to you and all.

Only 4.5 hours left of the decade here down under. Our fireworks on Sydney Harbour will be sensational as usual.

  • Grant

I wish everyone a blessed and successful 2020. Many thanks to everyone who has worked tirelessly again this year to help us forum users.

Ich wünsche allen ein gesegnetes und erfolgreiches 2020. Lieben Dank an alle die auch dieses Jahr wieder unermüdlich mit Rat und Tat, uns Foren Benutzern zur Seite standen.

Happy new year everyone. Looking forward to a great new decade :slight_smile:

2020 will be great with Web 2.0 coming. We look forward to the XDC session about it!

Hello @Geoff Perlman … promised ? Please say “YES !!”

go to XDC and see yourself. No promises, but the sessions listed there should be very interesting for all Web developers.

not to argue. but regardless of your timezone there is still 366 DAYS left of this decade (2011-2020 not 2010-2019)

Happy new year everyone, I hope it’s an awesome year for all of us.

You can argue this all you like, and there was something similar on the SQLite Users Mailing List. We all know that strictly speaking you are right - but who cares? We all consider the rotation of the digits from 9 to 0 to be the big moment.

I just look at it that the first decade had 9 years, the first century had 99, etc.

well actually we ALL don’t…

All right! Just what we need … another 0-based, 1-based debate to start off the New Year right! =D =D =D

Happy new year!

Happy new year from Botswana

Happy New Year from Paris, France

Happy New year to all of you!

Happy new year from Germany.
See you all in Nashville!