Happy New Year everyone !

Still not even 8:30 PM here, but Happy New Year to one and all, and thanks so much to all here that have helped me during the year!

Have a Happy New Year!

Happy and healthy New Year to all!

Well happy new year for you all over the Atlantic… we in Europe are already up (more somewhere in between sleeping and being awake) :slight_smile:

Best wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous 2015 to everyone in the Xojo community! :slight_smile:

a hungover happy new year to you all from Manchester.
Lang may yer lum reek :wink:

Happy new year to all of you and all the best for 2015 :slight_smile:

Happy New Year!

[quote=156367:@Albin Kiland]Just for you, Sam! Haha (selfies is not my thing…)


les barbus partout

… Happy new year …

Happy New Year Everybody,

Have a good health, very much success in everything you are doing and be happy in life.

Really? I went to sleep and someone launched a whole new year? Wow!

Well, however good your last one was I hope this one is better for you.

Live long and prosper.

Happy New Year Again - Hello 2015!

Happy new year to everybody.

This year begin wrong for me as my previous 2 years license just end at the end of 2014 :’( .