Happy Independence Day

I only recently found out there’s a deleted scene in the original which apparently explains how Jeff Goldblum was able to make things happen with an Alien tech…

[i]"But in the seven minutes of cut scenes included in the extended release Independence Day DVD, Goldblum is actually shown tinkering with his PowerBook inside the recovered craft from the Roswell crash site, mumbling something about how the spaceship was running off the same programming language he was able to decipher before (when he first uncovered their invasion plans and all that).

So, he presumably worked from there and was able to code some disruptive program and translate it into their language or whatever. It’s still flimsy as hell"[/i]

I saw it yesterday. It was okay. In some ways it was a better story with better acting than the original. However, it still boiled down to human stubbornness and ingenuity overcoming incredibly superior alien forces(and alien stupidity). At least they didn’t have to resort to a computer virus this time. :slight_smile:

The ending was never in any doubt. But it had some interesting reflections on a generation of American kids that grew up in a post 9/11 world.

I think the ending wasn’t as originally written. There was a side story with kids that went nowhere even though they were there at the end of the movie. I suspect that the focus groups hated that ending so they made this one instead. I’ll be curious to see the deleted scenes.

I didn’t hate the movie but I didn’t love it either. I’m pretty picky about SF (since I write it) so there were things to like (the 20 year advancement with alien technology) and things to hate (the lack of concern when aliens started showing up, the overuse of satellite communications, to name a few things). Knowing what I know now, I would have waited for it to come out on video.

@Bob Keeney : what Science Fiction do you write?

Most of it has been contemporary, or near future, SF. Mostly in the novelette range but I just finished a short story this weekend. Nothing published yet.

You are only truly free, not just independent, when you can see the humour.

Because then you have reached the point where you take your independence for granted, and not as something that can be taken away.

I’d B Keen :slight_smile: to have a read.