Happy Holiday

Happy Holiday to all the Xojo staff, friendly contributors whom offer countless time helping others here and everyone who reads this. I hope the Holidays this year bring happiness :slight_smile:


Ditto, have a great break with family and friends. I wish we had Thanksgiving here (you can take back Halloween!).


Where are you? Most cultures seem to have a ceremony after the harvest to „give thanks“ (in Germany it is called „Erntedankfest“). The date might be different though.

Living in Australia we had no thanksgiving for anything – we are the ‘Lucky Country’.
Now living in the UK, we have harvest thanksgiving celebrations in churches where we collect donations for the poor (food and money), but no family reunions.
But I have never heard of a country, other than the USA/Canada, where the whole extended family gets together and at the table, talk about what they are thankful for. If more cultures have this, then I am both ignorant and glad.

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