Happy 40th TRS-80

August 3rd, 2018 is the 40th birthday of the TRS-80. So, Happy Birthday! I’m just curious but does anyone have one still lying around?

For some of us, the anniversary was a about 8 months back from that since a few stores received hand-built prototypes. I was an RS assistant store manager when it was released and we had one for store display in late Dec of 77. I wrote and saved my first Hello, World! app on that thing :). The really funny thing was that RS didn’t sell any TVs, so we had to buy a 13" B&W from the local KMart on the opposite corner from our store.

[quote=399169:@Tim Jones]…
I wrote and saved my first Hello, World! app on that thing :).

Do these bring back memories?

[code]“I understand your instructions, but they’re asking me to do something that’s impossible.”

“I don’t understand your instructions — either the grammar is wrong or you’re using words that aren’t in my vocabulary.”

“Sorry — you have run out of memory locations and must either cut down the program size or purchase additional memory.”[/code]

I don’t recall the exact date we got our first shipment (I too was a RS Store Manager back then)… but the units we got came with the official TRS80 Monitor… Wasn’t long after I bought one, and a year or so later was able to afford the expansion interface and a 3rd part floppy drive (clunk clunk).

My very first “commerical” software was a Lunar Lander (4k Level 1 BASIC) that was sold by KiloBaud Magazine… I still have the original package around here somewhere.

Tim J or Dave - Did you demo H&R Shack tax software?

That was QUITE a while after my stint with Tandy Corp. I departed in early 1979 and went full time DJ. I then joined the USCG in 1980.

To be honest… never heard of it… I left Radio Shack in 1983
Spent until 1994 working for General Dynamics… But were it not for the TRS80, I might not have gotten that job. The reason I did, was a referall from a customer that bought one from me

But if it were “Tax software” I doubt it would have run on a Model 1… unless it was totally tricked out … 48K of Memory etc :slight_smile:

I totally hated the TRS80. The only great thing it ever produces was the dancing demon. Nuff said. :slight_smile:

[quote=399182:@Christoph De Vocht]I totally hated the TRS80. The only great thing it ever produces was the dancing demon. Nuff said. :slight_smile:

Well I “loved” it… .considering it was pretty much the only thing around at the time… IBM PC was “expensive” and also very new to market.

I don’t remember the game, but there was one where you placed a mis-tuned Transistor Radio (yeah, you can’t “mis-tune” them today)… anyways… the game “spoke” by generating interfernce “GAME OVER PLAYER ONE”… it was awesome

I remember the dancing demon was always hot at HCC happenings. :slight_smile:

It had a good voice synthesiser and some games had great speech because of that. That always attracted people for sure.

Always wanted a TRS 80, just looked so neat and a great keyboard. I have collected a few vintage computers over the years but never got one. I do have a TRS 80 Mk 4, http://www.trs-80.org/model-4/ which still works. The nearest I got was TRS80 Level II Programming book back in the day, which I still have.

I wrote a TRS80 Level II BASIC emulator in Xojo a few years back… and have it 90% ported to an iPAD (well this version is more MBasic)

I did a lot of programming on the Model I and the Model III. Good times those.

Lord help you if you mistakenly inserted a program tape into your car tape player :smiley:

Couldn’t… my car had an 8-Track player :slight_smile:


I remember thinking how cool it was that it could hold 8 songs :smiley:

Admit it, you also had Pablo Cruise 8-Track like me :stuck_out_tongue:

The TRS-80 Model I was my first computer. I had the monitor, expansion pack and two floppy disk drives! I really wanted the Model III but couldn’t afford one.

It was through the TRS-80 that I went into IT, before that I was a Life salesman!


does that mean you were a “Hit Man”? if they didn’t pay, then you ended their life??? :frowning:

Please note…this is in jest… and not meant to offend anyone…

TRS-80 was my entre into computing as well. Our high school library got one in '78 and I was captivated by the towers of hanoi game. It didn’t take long to figure it out, but I felt so smug. I became friends with the librarian and got to program the thing some. His wife worked at the district office and I “acquired” access to the mainframe. That was a cool programming environment until I was gently discouraged from its use. No charges were pressed.

LOL… I graduated in '74 from Highschool… no such computers for me then.
However the Jr.College I attended had some “mini-computers” [Wang2200b] which I did much the same as you described.
I was taking courses in Electronics at the time, and one of my first major programs was to solve “Wheatstone Bridges” which was a series of simutaious equations. One of the instructors saw me doing this, and I even described exactly what I was doing. He reported me to my instructor. He then informed me I would be failing his class, because “a computer did all my work”. I tried to explain that in order to program the computer, I had to know the subject matter quite well.

So I challenged him… The instructor that reported me would create a “problem”. Then my instructor and I would both have to solve it… using ONLY a blackboard and chalk (no computer, not even a new fangled “calculator”… sliderule was permitted)

Long story… I completed it first… with the correct answer… When he completed it… .he got the wrong answer even.
Needless to say… he was p*ssed… but he couldn’t fail me…