HandlespecialURL how to define request.entity

Using the sample EEWEbService example project
I understand to query the db for ‘getCustomers’ method would be when running locally would be


If however I wanted to get a single customer by the record ID thus adding a parameter for the customer how would that be done?
I can see from the example that

dim data as text = defineEncoding(Request.Entity, encodings.UTF8).text

‘data’ being used for sqllite query

How do I define Request.Entity at the local app executing the get command?

Thanks for reading this :slight_smile:

The Request.Entity is set if you call the web service using POST and have supplied data using SetRequestContent. This is how the GetCustomer method works.

If you want to use GET and supply an ID as a query string then you’d need to check the Request.QueryString property.