handle unimplemented feature

I’m searching alternative method to handle unimplemented features. May anyone share his/her idea?

Can you describe in some more detail what you want? I could be snarky and say “work faster”.

Do you mean development wise or do you want to show something not finished to a user?

Below are different methods that I usually use to handle unimplemented features. First method is too extreme, users will think that they have a “buggy” apps.

  Select case input
  Case "A" //implemented feature
  Case "B" //handle unimplemented feature
    dim e as new RuntimeException()
    e.Message "Unimplemented feature"
    Raise e
  Case "C" //another method
    MsgBox "Unimplemented feature"
  Else // another method
    //using built-in logger or self-logger
    System.DebugLog("Unimplemented feature")
    If DebugBuild Then Break
  End Select

In development stage, I can use one of these method

If DebugBuild Then Break // or simply, Break
MsgBox "Unimplemented feature"

I need alternative method for both, in development and after release. Or, probably new improvement of those methods.

I usually hide the features that aren’t released. Or you could execute code depending on the version:

if appversion < 123 then 'boring old feature here else 'shiny new feature to come end if

I’m pretty sure that the Xojo people work this way.

For your users, either hide or disable the feature, as Beatrix suggested, or show a “this feature is coming!” dialog.

For yourself, add something like this to the code:

#pragma warning "IMPLEMENT THIS!!"

When you analyze the app, that will show up in the list of warnings as a reminder. If you keep the message consistent, you can search for it outside the compiler too.

Thank you so much for the tips. Really useful.