Hairline in dynaPDF

Has anyone tried to get a PDF to draw a hairline? Can’t seem to find anything in dynaPDF or MBS docs that illustrate how - can’t seem to draw anything thinner than 1 point (1/3 mm approx)? Any tips appreciated

the penheight and width are doubles.
Have you tried 0.1?

The screen cant resolve less than a point…

Have you tried SetLineWidth with zero?
In some places zero is used for the thinnest possible line width.

I’m testing PDF rendering through BKS Shorts 1.8.1, so I’m thinking it might be the render process there…I’ll check how I handled it in our old renderer and see if I can change in BKS :slight_smile: - tested with 0.1 still get fat line. tested with 0.0 still get fat line

Modified BKS renderer and now getting thin lines - will let BK know. Altered pdf render to setlinewidth, then use ClosePath(kfmStroke) instead of StrokePath