GUI slowness

And how many times have you told people to get over it, to just deal with the new IDE? I’ve seen you post this line at least a dozen times calling people out for “telling Xojo how to run their business”. But you don’t have any qualms about telling users what tools they should be using to build their projects?

Where have I told you what you should use to build your projects, Steve? Please provide a link. Use whatever you like, but don’t think everyone has to bend over backwards to offer you something exactly as you specify it.

I’m sure you’re one of those guys who is absolutely thrilled when a customer tells you how to run your own business, because all of us are that guy that loves to be told what to do by people who don’t have the privilege of all the information we have about our own affairs. I’m saying that the classy move is to offer others the same respect you’d like for yourself.

Geez, you have a short memory. Just 3 hours ago:

“And that makes the best option for you, Steve, to figure out a way to get over this and get with the program at some point, because the source you have written will someday need the framework fixes that are bundled with the IDE you can’t stand”

Funny, that doesn’t tell you what to use to build your products or how to run your affairs. By all means, compile with 2012r2.1 indefinitely. If you’re getting paid to write code, you will run into a decision point at some point about whether framework fixes are worth stomaching an IDE you hate for whatever reason. If you’re doing Cocoa or WE, that point comes sooner rather than later. Sorry to break it to you again, but they’re not looking at this and saying, “OMG, Steve isn’t renewing until we scrap the navigator, let’s get to work on that right now”. If your asset (your code) is valuable to you, you’ll figure out the relative value of the navigator issues, which is rounding error at best.

Really. I find the Navigator a complete productivity sink and you’ve told twice in the past 3 weeks to get over it, quit worrying about who “stole my cheese” and figure out a workflow so I can deal with the new IDE. If that isn’t telling me what tool to use, one of us is not speaking English. Trust me, I’d love to move to the new IDE. But the pain I feel dealing with it right now is a hell of a lot more than “rounding errors”. And there may come a time when I have to switch or find another tool or just use Xojo for builds. But we are not there yet, so for now, I’ll plod along in 2012r2 and try to figure out why I need to slog through the new IDE because I someone told me I will need to use it someday.

OK, Steve, I apologize for proposing a more productive way for you to make use of what’s actually at your disposal now and is likely to be in the future. Complain away! I’ll learn to be entertained by it rather than try to help. I promise.

[quote=26311:@Christophe De Vocht]Not sure what this has to do with the slow GUI.

Anyhow, yes the GUI is sluggish atm but I am convinced it will be better in the near future releases.[/quote]

I guess that’s only because the time past has improved the speed of the hardware, not because of the improvement of the Xojo IDE, if we follow the time line of Xojo bugs fix :slight_smile:

Maybe it will, But as I see it, it has moved to the cloud. Now you pay for a service from the cloud, and have less access to the code and the security.

And back on topic:

About speed issues:
As I already mentioned, the GUI blingbling is for sure one of the problems regarding screen refreshing of the GUI.
I am also pretty sure the left navigator (entirely canvas based) that is partly responsible for the slow GUI. I recon the canvas paint event is full of stuff that loads the CPU quite a bit. Not?

I would like to make a bold suggestion :slight_smile:

  • Why not make an user option to use a plain listbox version instead? That would speed up the GUI considerably.

Not sure if this is easy to implement though. :wink:

Well obviously Geoff and the dev team where not very good at predicting/seeing the present mess they have created. So I don’t see why my two cents would hurt them :wink:

How is that obvious? My interpretation is that they’ve been around the block enough to know that some people are gonna get all bent out of shape by change, and they’ll either come around or they won’t.

You forget that with the free IDE model, there are a lot of people coming to the product whose mindsets are not stuck in the old IDE. When the number of those who buy in exceed the old IDE holdouts, they don’t even have to give you the time of day. I’m sure they will because they’re nice guys who care about their product, but really, you don’t have anywhere near the leverage in this that you imagine.

BTW, I am starting to see a trickle of WE customers who are new to Xojo for my add-ons. I wouldn’t be surprised if they represent more business than established users within a couple months.