GUI flicker, from Xojo 2015 to Xojo 2018

I’m porting an xojo app from 2015r1 to 2018r1.1, the graphical interface is obtained with the use of roundrectangle and the listboxes have a custom background color.

The various screens are obtained using a different container control for each screen and based on which window I need to display, I hide all ContainerControl and display only the necessary one.

With xojo 2015 i dont see particular problem, but with xojo 2018 when i change from one window to another I see all the GUI controls previously drawn with the white background, after a few moments become transparent.

I did a little test with a new program and I did not see any faults, what should i check?

If this is in Windows, I would suggest either waiting for 2018r2 which has a number of speed and graphics fixes or signing up for the Pre-Release and testing against the latest alpha of 2018r2.

Yes, the problem is on windows, ok I’ll wait for the next release.