Growl, signing and SVN


got a nice problem with Growl.

I use a build script to add the Growl framework to the built app. This worked nicely when deep-signing wasn’t required. With deep-signing I got an error message " blabla bundle format unrecognized, invalid or unsuitable in subcomponent blabla Growl.framework". It turned out that when using SVN for the framework folder Xojo copies the invisible folders into the app, which causes the error message.

Now Cornerstone only allows to ignore a folder when it hasn’t been added to the SVN. Does anyone have an idea how to work around this?
Does adding invisible folders make sense when building? Shouldn’t Xojo be able to recognize that SVN information doesn’t need to be added to a built app?

Xojo 2013r4, Cocoa, Mac OS 10.9.

If you don’t want the hidden SVN files added to a folder, don’t include it in SVN. Or use Git. :slight_smile:

If the folder has to be in SVN, but you don’t want the hidden SVN files copied, then you’ll have to exclude them somehow. Maybe a shell copy command has an option to skip invisible files?

Another option could be to store a ZIP of the framework in SVN and then expand the zip to the location you want, again using a shell script.

A Xojo build step copies what is in the folder. You might want invisible files (say .htaccess for a web app).