Grouping rows on Einhugur's ExcelWriter

Hi All!

I have something curious
I dunno If is it something planned or not, but Theres a Method on Einhugur’s ExcelWriter called “SetColumnOptions” and “SetRowOptions
Both have a boolean parameter (true or false) which decides if the Column or Row is Hidden or not.

But I have an excel sheet made of a SQL Query, when I invoke the SetColumnOptions Method It Groups the rows, but when I Invoke the same method outside the Query, only Hides the selected Column, but It doesn’t make a GROUP.

Is it something planned, or is it a Bug?


As far as I know then the library under the hood does not support row grouping. (at least not yet).

If you look at the SetColumnOptions then SetColumnOptions has nothing to do with grouping, it sets formatting and hidden flag.

Same with RowOptions has nothing to do with groupping, only formatting and hidden flag: