Grouping Classes

I looked up some forum entries and did some tests.

These are the facts:
A module can only be made external if it contains no classes
The classes of a module can each be made external (which by the way does work really good for sync changes)

Then, how can I group classes I want to have external due to project crossing borders?

Normally I would have a class in a module and call it like this:

dim T as MDataStructures.CTree

Is the only way to have modules external
MDataStructuresClasses and
MDataStructures (for further properties and methods)?

I have decided to change class names
and so one.

Maybe the easiest and not so complicated solution.

use a folder, put your classes inside, and externalize the whole folder.

Hello Jean-Yves,

thanks for the info.

But I can not organize/do

Dim A as FMyFolder.CMyClass

what was my intention.

Anyway; “make external…” is enabled for many items; just did that for graphics; the graphics were then deleted from project.
So, making things external needs tests and regular backups;-)
Some things work by copy only some other by drag and drop.
Nothing really dramatic at all!

I am still waiting for my pro version then I will switch to external text files and so have SVN and nothing can go wrong.
And graphics are copied anyway…

Problem is, when You copy and paste and names are equal or structure gets broken somehow, Xojo crashes very fast.
So, ctrl-s should always be done and backup on each change with history (syncovery helps here a lot).