Grouped Table View

I’m working on my first iOS app with Xojo (actually, debating whether to use Xojo or Swift at the moment). My design calls for the use of a grouped TableView. See the picture below (from Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines) for an illustration:

Looking around the Xojo iOS docs, it looks like I can only make plain tables with section headers. Is this correct? If so, is there anyway to get the (very common) grouped TableView look? I don’t mind using a 3rd party library if required.


You can get a Grouped Table view by setting the iOSTable format property (Plain/Grouped) in the IDE.
Changing this property at runtime has no effect.

However if you need footers you will either need to use customCells and make them transparent with declares (possible with iOSDesignExtensions on Github) or use Antonio Rinaldi’s table extension.

Thank you. You even answered my question!